Religious Education

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"...and that from infancy you have known [the] sacred scriptures, which are capable of giving you wisdom for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus."
- 2 Timothy 3:15

As it is stated in the Rite of Baptism, “Parents are the first and primary teachers of the Catholic Faith.” Parents do have the responsibility to raise their children in the faith both through the attendance of weekly Mass and formal religious education classes. The parish community of Mary, Mother of Mankind supports and provides parents and families this important service.

Mary, Mother of Mankind has a program designed to educate each young person on their journey of faith. Each grade level allows the child to be introduced to information which is fundamental to the knowledge and development of their Catholic Faith. Religious Education teachers prepare students for the reception of the sacraments. They will focus on important material which define those sacraments and allows understanding of what purpose it has in their life. We will prepare the children for the reception of Holy Communion (2 years) and Confirmation. Careful attention is given to each student so that no matter what their learning process may be, a child may come to a generous abundance of faith and will be comfortable understanding of their life in Christ and in His church. 

The parish of Mary, Mother of Mankind truly encourages all families to register their children so they take advantage of this great resource. It is an opportunity to build on their foundation and desire of faith, that gives each person a true deep meaning of living “Life” with a “True Purpose.”

The Church “has the duty and innate right to preach the Gospel to all peoples” - Can. 747



Sacramental Preparation


 If your child was not part of our program last year and you would like to register them for the grade appropriate program.  Children in first grade need to attend classes in order to receive the Sacrament of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist in second grade to prepare the children for the reception of Holy Communion (2 years) , Reconciliation and Confirmation. 

If you have a child entering first grade in September, please stop by the Church for an application to register. If you have a child in first grade in Catholic School, they do not have to attend classes until the second grade. Confirmation program is a four-year program. Students  in school grades 7-10  need to attend classes in order to receive the sacrament of Confirmation in 10th grade. If your teenager is in Catholic High School for 9th grade, they do not need to attend classes however they do need to attend classes in 10th grade. Please contact Nancy if your child will be attending Catholic High School for 9th grade.



Mary, Mother of Mankind Religious Education Schedule

All Classes meet on Sunday 


GRADES 1,2,3,4,5, AND 6    SUNDAYS 9:00am - 10:00am

GRADES 7, 8, 9 AND 10       SUNDAYS 11:30am - 12:30pm


September 17                                                           September 24


October 1                                                                  October 8 no class (Columbus Day)

October 15                                                                October 22

October 29 no class (Bazaar setup)


November 5 no class (Bazaar weekend)              November 12

November 19                                                            November 26 no class (Thanksgiving)


December 3                                                              December 10

December 17                                                            December 24 no class (Christmas)

December 31 no class (New Years Eve)


January 7                                                               January 14 no class (Martin Luther King)

January 21                                                            January 28


February 4                                                                 February 11

February 18 and February 25 no class (Winter Break)


March 3                                                                      March 10

March 17                                                             March 24 (Palm Sunday)

March 31 No Class (Easter)


April 7                                                                         April 14

April 21                                                                       April 28


**** March 2, 2024 the Grades 9 and 10 mandatory retreat                (rev 8/2/2023)


Please be very careful of all traffic during the drop off and pick up of your children.

We ask parents to please come in to the church hall to pick up their children (Grades 1-6 ) at 9:50am.

Grades 1-6 there will be a retreat of 1/2 day on a Saturday TBA

The last class will be held on April 23, 2023

Dates for the sacrament of Confirmation, rehearsal, commitment ritual and sponsor/candidate meeting have yet to be set. Notice will be given as these dates are scheduled.  Confirmation retreat date and time TBA  CONFIRMATION DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED!


In case of inclement weather we ask parents to use their judgment with bringing their children to class.

We do use NBC 10 & WPRI 12 for any cancellations.

In the event a class is canceled, it will not be rescheduled.





If you would like to volunteer with our Religious Education program, please leave your contact information with the parish office @ 401-231-3542 Monday-Thursday from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM. Our Religious Education coordinator for Grades 1-6 and  Religious Education Teacher for Grades 7-10, Nancy or Jean will contact you. Volunteers, especially parents, who practice their faith and are able to effectively share the knowledge of their faith with our young parishioners, are always welcome in our program. We like to keep our parishioners involved and volunteering with the Religious Education Program.


In order to ensure that all young people in our parish come to know God and His Church in a safe and appropriate setting, all volunteers must submit to and successfully complete a criminal background check paid for by the parish, and undergo Safe Environment Training as mandated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and in cooperation with the Diocese of Providence Office of Education and Compliance.





Applications will be handed out during and before classes end. If you are a member of the Church and wish to enroll your child in Faith Formation, please call the rectory at 401-231-3542 Monday-Thursday 9am-1pm or visit the Parish office. The applications will be available to you. 


Parents of returning students going into grades 2 through 10 may also choose to mail or drop off a check to Mary, Mother of Mankind, 25 Fourth Street, North Providence, RI 02911 in the amount of $40 for one child or $75 for two or more children. Please indicate your child's/children's names in the note portion of the check, and please contact us if any information you provided on your original registration form has changed such as names, address, phone numbers, email address, medical concerns, emergency contact info, etc

Jean Radican-Religious Education Coordinator Grades 1-6

Mrs. Nancy Riccitelli -Administrator of the Confirmation Program Grades 7-10