Parish News




There will be an Easter Egg Hunt for the children of the Parish after the 10:30 Mass on Easter morning.


The Spring clean-up on Saturday, March 25th has been rescheduled to Saturday, April 1, 2023 due to this weekends weather. Please help as we want the Church grounds to look beautiful for Easter.



Confessions are heard here every Saturday afternoon from 3 – 3:30 PM in the Reconciliation Room. On Saturday, April 1st all Day Confessions will be heard at St. Philip’s Church from 8:30 AM until 3:00 PM. And, on every Monday during Lent from Noon until 6:00PM, I will be present in the Church to hear confessions and all are welcome.


Mass Schedule for the Week

Saturday, March 25-The Annunciation of the Lord

4:00 p.m. Deceased Lefebvre & Oliveira Families (Anniversary Remembrance) Arlene Tomassi (9th Anniversary)

Sunday, March 26– Fifth Sunday of Lent

8:00 a.m. Catherine Robidoux

10:30 a.m. Paul Bouchard, Sr. (1st Anniversary)

Monday, March 27

8:00 a.m. Eugene Notarpippo (4th Anniversary) Adeline Notarpippo (Birthday Remembrance) Holy Souls in Purgatory and Word Peace

Tuesday, March 28

8:00 a.m. Lionel & Helen Peltier Fletcher Brown (Remembrance)

Wednesday, March 29

8:00 a.m. Pat & Mary Fossa (Remembrance) Holy Souls in Purgatory & World Peace

Thursday, March 30

8:00 a.m. Thomas Cotroneo Olympia & Antonio Rivera

Saturday, April 1

4:00 p.m. Rosario Burgess (1st Anniversary)

Sunday, April 2-Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

8:00 a.m. Rocky Vota (Birthday Remembrance)

10:30 a.m. Patrick Joseph (Special Intention)


Sanctuary Candle, Altar Candles & Altar Bread Candles will burn from 3/30 thru 4/6

The Sanctuary Candle will burn for: Catherine Robidoux

The Altar Candles will burn for: Catherine Robidoux

The Altar Bread is offered for: Catherine Robidoux

(Cost of the Sanctuary Candle, pair of Altar Candles or Altar Bread is $10 for a living or deceased remembrance) Please call the Rectory at 231-3542 to reserve yours Monday thru Thursday 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.


Weekend of March 19, 2023

Offertory Reports

Weekly Offering $4,810.00

On-Line Giving $1,370.00

Helping Hand Fund $132.00


Godparent or Confirmation Sponsor

Have you been asked to be a godparent or confirmation sponsor? If so, please know that you will be required to be a registered parishioner of Mary, Mother of Mankind Parish before we can issue a “letter in good standing” as required for sponsors to indicate they are striving to practice their faith by regular worship, as well as by being in good canonical standing and living lives consistent with Gospel values.


Prayer Idea 5th Week of Lent

Pause to see Jesus with you, lovingly asking you the question, “Do you want to get well?” Talk to Jesus about any inner pain or hurt you carry within you. Ask to be healed. Then place a Band-Aid on your body. Do this with no intention of receiving God’s healing touch. Wear this all day as a reminder of your desire to be healed of old hurts.


Activity Ideas

  1. Walk or bicycle to places you usually drive.
  2. Resolve that each day the family will eat one meal together.
  3. Make a study of one group of people who are often a target for prejudice.
  4. Spend extra time each week alone with your spouse.


Holy Week

Sunday, April 2nd, is Passion Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week. Please take a look at the Schedule of Masses and plan to join us for these most Holy Days.



The 2023 Catholic Charity Appeal is underway! A pledge or one-time gift to the Appeal will fund more than 35 ministries and agencies of the church. These include Evangelization, Pastoral Services, Seminarian Formation, Catholic School Tuition Assistance, Mother of Hope Camp in Chepachet, Rejoice in Hope Youth Center in Cranston, Campus Ministry at Brown and RISD, grants for St. Clare Nursing Home in Newport, support for All Saints Academy on Aquidneck Island, and immediate assistance programs that feed and shelter those in need in every city and town in RI. Visit to make a difference this year.





It’s that time of year again when we are planning for the next school year of 2023-24. Any parishioner seeking tuition assistance at one of our Diocesan Catholic Schools may call the rectory at 401-231-3542 for an application. You can also stop by the rectory office between 9am-1pm Monday through Thursday


Bible Study will be held on Monday, March 27th at 6:30PM.


Faith Formation

CLASSES For Grades 1 thru 10: March 26th, April 2nd, No class April 9th Happy Easter; April 16th and last class will be April 23rd.


Prayer Chain

To submit a prayer request for our ‘Prayer Chain’ please contact Alexandra P. (300-2062) or Pauline N. (231-8012)


Welcome New Parishioners

This week we welcome our new parishioner: Louis, Dana and Ryder Lanni to our Mary Mother of Mankind Parish Family!


Second Collection

Next week our second collection is for the Rice Bowl. Please be generous. Thank you!



My 80-year-old grandmother suffers from crippling arthritis and impaired vision to the point of near blindness. So, when I booked her on a flight, I made sure to tell the airline about her special needs, including a wheelchair and an attendant. “Everything will be taken care of,” the representative assured me. “Thank you,” I said. “You are welcome,” she said. I was about to hang up when she cheerfully asked, “And will your grandmother need a rental car?”



Adults: How quick am I to cast the first stone? Do I make a distinction between the sin and the sinner? Children: Do I forgive my friends when they do something that hurts me? Do I give them a second chance?


Holy Week Masses

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord April 2, 2023

Mass & Palm Distribution: Saturday at 4:00PM and Sunday at 8:00 & 10:30AM

Holy Thursday, April 6, 2023

Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7:00PM Adoration following Mass until 9:00PM

Good Friday, April 7, 2023

Stations of the Cross 3:00PM, Veneration of the Holy Cross and Holy Communion 7:00PM

Holy Saturday, April 8, 2023 Easter Vigil Service 7:00 PM (no 4PM Mass)

Easter Sunday The Resurrection of the Lord, April 9, 2023: 8:00 & 10:30AM