From Father Varghese's Desk

From Father Varghese's Desk


From Father Varghese’s Desk

“What goes through your mind when you hear a cell phone ringing at Mass?”

The first thing that goes through my mind is wondering if it’s God calling! But, in all seriousness, it is very distracting and often ruins my train of thought. Everyone reacts to a ringing phone. We have all grown up with phones, whether land lines or wireless and we have become conditioned to drop everything and answer them when they ring. It has become so automatic to us. We have the same reaction at Mass when they ring. I think cell phones are a great invention. They are so convenient and make it so much easier to get prompt help in emergencies. But, like every good thing, there are times and places to use them. Some states ban the use of cell phones while driving. It is precisely because they are so distracting. How many times have you seen someone driving erratically only to discover they are trying to dial their phone?

It is not Church law. It is just good manners to turn off the ringer on our cell phones at Mass. Even though they may vibrate, we shouldn’t attempt to answer them even though no one else heard it vibrate. When we go to Mass let’s turn off the world for a few moments and focus on God. During that hour let the voice mail answer your calls. I’m sure God’s voice mail box gets more messages than ours because too many people answer everyone else’s call but God’s call. Not only should we not use our phones at Mass, we should not be attempting to text message at Mass. I’ve seen you trying it!

I gently remind you not to do so. I know God has our numbers and He’s trying to get a hold of us. Let’s shut off the cell phones and answer His call.

Have a Good Week and God Bless.

Father Varghese