From Father Varghese's Desk

From Father Varghese's Desk


From Father Varghese’s Desk


America the Beautiful because of their courage and faith, their suffering and toil,
our forefathers tried to ensure that God would never be a stranger in this Land. The
conviction of their conscience was uncompromising, and their love for this Land was

It would be a great sorrow for them to come back today and see the growing violence and intolerance we find in our nation today.  More and more young people are at risk of an early violent death in the streets of our inner cities, and the majority of those being killed are African Americans.  The tragic and senseless shooting of 21 innocent people at Uvalde school in Texas, and the growing number of random killings we have seen throughout the nation are a call to action against gun violence and the easy access to guns. It is also a reminder that racial inequality is still a part of our society and is more and more unacceptable whether that person be black, Hispanic, Asian or Caucasian.

Perhaps we need to revisit those values put forth by our forefathers and renew our right to religious liberty as well. If we are truly a nation, under God, then we must keep from pushing Him to the sidelines of our society and strive to rediscover our religious roots.  All authentic religions offer a path to peace and a path to righteousness. Our Christian faith calls us to go even further than that. We are responsible for the care of our fellow citizens, no matter their race or background, or religion.

In recalling the values and principals upon which this great country was founded, and remembering that our commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is also a call to defend the rights and civil liberties of our fellow citizens, we can, on this Fourth of July see in some small way a glimpse of the vision our forefathers had of “America the Beautiful”


Have a Good Week and God Bless


Father Varghese