From Father Varghese's Desk

From Father Varghese's Desk



From Father Varghese’s Desk

This past week, the parish Finance Council met to review and approve the Annual Report for the 2022- 2023 Fiscal Year. In a few weeks’ time, a summary of that report will be discussed and distributed at all weekend Masses. The Council was very pleased with the report and were eager to receive updates on capital improvements on pews and carpets in the church. The remarkable progress we’ve made in maintaining and enhancing our facilities, as well as the financial security we have achieved are due to your generosity and your ongoing commitment to support your parish and its vital ministries. I am very grateful. I know that we will be able to continue this positive momentum if we remain committed to the generous sharing of our time, talent and treasure.  

Each year the Diocese of Providence asks parishes to submit a report of the number of sacraments performed in their church and other vital information. Known as the Status Animarum, or the “State of Souls” report, it’s key to getting a snapshot of the health and viability of parish life. Here are our numbers for 2022-2023 year:   

Total Number of Families — 1100

Total Number of Parishioners — 1716

Total Number of children in Religious Education — 45

Total Number of Infant Baptisms — 9

Total Number of Children Receiving First Confession & First Communion — 7

Weekly Average Number of Confessions Heard — 30

Total Number of Weddings — 3

Total Number of Sick who received the Anointing of the Sick — 24

Total Number of Funerals — 26  

Overall, Mary Mother of Mankind Parish is doing really well and I couldn’t be more grateful and proud for all of you. But, let’s not get complacent; we still have work to do! I’d love it if our total number of families could top 1150 next year, and we certainly need to boost the number of couples getting married in church and the number of children in religious education classes.  We have some work to do! So, let’s not forget that evangelization is at the heart of our life and mission as Catholics. 


Priesthood Sunday is September 24th. Pray for our priests

Have a Good Week and God Bless.

Father Varghese