From Father Varghese's Desk

From Father Varghese's Desk


From Father Varghese’s Desk


We’ve all heard the saying, “it takes a village!” Those words couldn’t be truer than in reference to our parish community. These days I’m struck by the number of people who are connected to MMM and are generous stewards, sharing their time, talent and treasure to make our parish the kind of community it is. From our volunteer gardeners to our office volunteers and counters, to our liturgical ministers, to the men and women who serve on various councils and committees, to our parish trustees and auditors, to our food pantry and outreach volunteers, to those who volunteer their time for youth programming and ministries, to those who visit the homebound... The list goes on! None of these people are on the payroll. They do these things because their love for God compels them to love others. And because they are committed to and invested in MMM and its mission of bringing Christ to our community and beyond. I love North Providence, my home town! May we all mirror the generous stewardship.

Each week we are called to share in the greatest gift God can give to us; the gift of the Eucharist. Each week the Lord is ready to shower us with his love and mercy. Each week we are fed by his body and blood and his word. Do we take advantage of it or do we have all kinds of reason for not coming to Mass? Do we see the Mass as one more thing to do in a busy week, so if I miss Mass, I don’t see it as a problem?

Why then is the Mass so important for us and for our Lord. When one falls in love we want to be with that person, we want to spend time with that person. We want to know more about the one we love. Our Lord wants to spend time with us because he loves us and cares about us. He wants you and I to be with him. What about our love for him? Is it hot or cold, on fire or lukewarm? Do we treat our Lord with love or indifference? How would people feel if we only came to them when we needed something? How soon before people got tired of seeing us? Start by praying five minutes a day, work your way up to a longer time, pray a few verses of the bible each day. Come to Mass each weekend; see that a difference this can make in our relationship with our Lord and his relationship with us.


Have a good week and God Bless.

Father Varghese