From Father Varghese's Desk

From Father Varghese's Desk



From Father Varghese’s Desk


Several years ago, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver wrote an article offering advice on how to form your children into Christian adults. On this Father’s Day weekend, I thought I would share his insights with you:

1) The greatest gift a father can give his children is to love their mother. Of course, the same applies to wives loving their husbands. Children see and absorb the relationship of their parents—and that relationship (whether good or bad) shapes them for life!

2) Teach your children to seek real freedom, not counterfeit. Choice is not an end. Teach them to seek choices that are grounded in God’s truth—then they will find real freedom and lasting happiness.

3) Teach your children to seek wisdom, not just knowledge. Knowledge is morally neutral—it can be used for good or evil. Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge rightly.

4) Teach your children to see and remember. Our Catholic faith has a long and rich history. Teach them to cherish all the good the Church has done and continues to do today— that will help to keep their faith in Jesus and His Church strong.

5) Teach your children to develop the virtues of the heart. For example: Fidelity instead of broken promises, humility instead of pride, courage instead of cowardice, honesty instead of excuses, forgiveness instead of revenge, gratitude instead of entitlement.

6) Teach your children to revere the sanctity of life. Human life is so valuable that Jesus died to save it (that is, US!). Help your children to love their lives and the lives of everyone!

7) Teach your children to love. Love is not feelings— it’s an unconditional commitment to the end. Jesus said, “No greater love exists than to lay one’s life for one’s friends.” Only in total gift of self will we find peace— and the kingdom of heaven! And remember, what you do is more important than what you say! 


Have a Good Week and God Bless

Father Varghese