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Youth Ministry


With our religious education students now being confirmed in Grade 8, the parish now has an up-and-coming Youth Ministry. The students will engage in real life practical applications of what they have learned in class.  They will participate in community service, team building activities, as well as become role models for the younger children of the parish.  The students will learn valuable life lessons that will help them better their futures.  Our program places a special emphasis on relating to the students and teaching through means they are both familiar and comfortable with.


Our program will be specifically designed to not only do community service but also to raise money for various organizations in a fun and productive way.  


The Youth Ministry will also be engaged in group activities such as trips and parties in order to strengthen the relationship with their faith and also with one another.  It is our hope that the Youth Ministry will become a fun and enjoyable way for our students to keep in touch with their faith.  

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