Grateful for God's Providence




Mary, Mother of Mankind
N. Providence, RI

40% of all funds raised up to our parish goal of $353,427 will be returned to the parish. If we reach our campaign goal, the parish would receive $141,370. The following projects will be addressed by the funds received:

+ Repave the parking lot

+ Replace carpeting in the church

+ Air conditioning and new lighting in the hall

If we exceed our campaign goal, 60% of all funds raised above and beyond our campaign goal will be returned to the parish. This is a great opportunity for our community, please consider being a part of this historic endeavor!


Diocesan Case Elements:

• Supporting our Parishes

• Supporting our Seminarians

• Supporting our Retired Priests

• Catholic School Tuition Assistance

• Catholic Charities and Social Services

• Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul


Grateful for God’s Providence

As you may recall, our parish’s goal is $353,427.00. Per the latest update report, out of our more than 1100 registered families, 97 families made onetime gifts or pledge that totaled $192,000.00.

Please fill out your family’s pledge card today and place it in the offering basket or hand it to our pastor! No down payment is necessary to make your pledge.

Pledge cards are available throughout the Church.