Grateful for God's Providence




Mary, Mother of Mankind
N. Providence, RI

40% of all funds raised up to our parish goal of $353,427 will be returned to the parish. If we reach our campaign goal, the parish would receive $141,370. The following projects will be addressed by the funds received:

+ Repave the parking lot

+ Replace carpeting in the church

+ Air conditioning and new lighting in the hall

If we exceed our campaign goal, 60% of all funds raised above and beyond our campaign goal will be returned to the parish. This is a great opportunity for our community, please consider being a part of this historic endeavor!


Diocesan Case Elements:

• Supporting our Parishes

• Supporting our Seminarians

• Supporting our Retired Priests

• Catholic School Tuition Assistance

• Catholic Charities and Social Services

• Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul


Grateful for God’s Providence

Grateful for God’s Providence As you may recall, our parish’s goal is $353,427.00. Per the latest update report, out of our more than 1100 registered families, 97 families made one-time gifts or pledge that totaled $193,123.00. Please fill out your family’s pledge card today and place it in the offering basket or hand it to our pastor! No down payment is necessary to make your pledge.