Altar Server Schedule

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NOVEMBER 1, 2019 – NOVEMBER 28, 2019

Friday – November 1st  – All Saints’ Day

7:00 PM Lisa Peters

Saturday / Sunday – November 2nd & 3rd

4:00 PM Bob Quigley, Marie Sauriol, Filomena Campbell

8:00 AM Cathy Scotto, Larry Alves

10:30 AM Stephen Hogle, Terry and David Peck

5:00 PM Martha Landry

Saturday / Sunday – November 9th & 10th

4:00 PM Ron Lamothe, Bob Quigley, Marie Sauriol

8:00 AM Ann Archambault, Anna Saccoccio

10:30 AM Jean and Richard Radican, Anne Sharp

5:00 PM Connie Barcelos

Saturday / Sunday – November 16th & 17th

4:00 PM Lisa Peters, Filomena Campbell, Ron Lamothe

8:00 AM Michele Murphy, Cathy Scotto

10:30 AM Joanne Aspeel, Elizabeth Henshaw, Mary Igoe

5:00 PM Bill Landry

Saturday / Sunday – November 23rd & 24th

4:00 PM Kristin Gilmore, Lisa Peters, Bob Quigley

8:00 AM Larry Alves, Ann Archambault

10:30 AM Linda Isherwood, Stephen Hogle, Terry Peck

5:00 PM Martha Landry

Thursday – November 28th – Thanksgiving Day

8:00 AM Lisa Peters

Please note: If you are unable to serve during your scheduled time, please find a replacement. Thank you.