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 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF Mary Mother of Mankind Parish

                                                  Original Church Built in 1967 


We will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of our parish on October 1,

2017. Bishop Thomas Tobin will be present to celebrate the 10:30 am Mass

with us, followed by a luncheon at the Kirkbrae Country Club. More specific

details will be forthcoming as we proceed forward. Scroll down to read the

History of our Parish.


Tickets for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of our parish are now available after all Masses.

 Date: October 1, 2017 Place: Kirkbrae Country Club Cost: $35.00 Adults $20.00 Children (12 & under)

Please make checks out to: Mary, Mother of Mankind Church


               50th Anniversary of Mary, Mother of Mankind Parish

We are rapidly approaching our 50th Anniversary Celebration. What we are looking for is “old” photos from years ago that we might be able to publish in the Anniversary Booklet. If you have some, please put them in an envelope and put your name and address on the envelope and explain what the photo (s) are and who might be in them. We will get the photos back to you.


During our Anniversary luncheon we are going to have a “Penny Social” with many small gifts to be raffled-off. We are tentatively planning an actual auction and are looking for any larger donations that might interest folks. (Weeks use of a beach house, week’s use of a time-share,

Lighthouse Tour). If you are able to assist us please let us know.

       Father william e. palmer-Parish Founder



    Father Clyde walsh-PASTOR OF THE REBUILT MMM

 monsignor BARRY CONNERTON pastor of mmm-80'S-90'S



            FATHER DOUG GRANT-pastor 2000's


     father joesph pescatello-current pastor


                                HISTORY OF MMM

                                                                         History of


 Thank you to Walter Thayer a member of our Parish for writing our History

"Mary, Mother of Mankind Church" was established as a Parish on September 6,

1967. Reverend William E. Palmer was appointed the first Pastor. The newly formed

Parish was established as a Corporation September 19, 1967 under the legal title of

 Mary, Mother of Mankind Church Corporation, North Providence.

In addition to the Most Reverend Bishop Russell J. McVinney, the Vicar General and

the Pastor, two lay-Trustees were named ex-officio members of the Corporation:

 Mr. Vito DiGiulio and Mr. Thomas F. Ryan. Mr. Raymond D. Young and

 Dr. Anthony C. Broccoli were appointed Parish Auditors.


The first Corporation meeting was held at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Rectory on October 13, 1967. At this meeting, the charter, by-laws and the parish seal were adopted. After consulting with the Pastor of St. Lawrence Church, Centredale, and the Board of Diocesan Consultors, the Most Reverend Bishop established the following boundaries of the Parish: a) North = Smithfield Town Line, b) East = the West side of Smithfield Road from Mineral Spring Avenue to the Smithfield Town Line, c) South = the North side of Mineral Spring Avenue, d) West = the Woonasquatucket River. All residing within these boundaries are now members of the Parish.


Prime movers in the erection of the "Chapel" (as it was known then) were members of the "Societa Femminile Maria Grande ed Eccelas". They brought with them from their native Caserta a love

for Our Blessed Mother under the above title. She was the Patroness of their village and they wished to honor Her with a shrine. Four lots of land were donated to the members of the Society by Mr. and Mrs.

Vito DiGiulio in memory of their parents Bernard and Carmella DiGiulio.


In July of 1953 work was begun on the "Chapel". The original foundation was 24 x 40 feet. The super-structure of the shrine was 24 x 20 feet. It was finished in white stucco thus offering those who wished, to light candles honoring Mary. Every Sunday at 3:00 p.m. the Society members would assemble to pray the Rosary. The building was finished in 1954 by the following volunteer workers: (alphabetically) Joseph Abood, Nunzio Caranci, Pasquale Caranci, Thomas DeLeo, Andrea DiGiulio, Kenneth DiGiulio, Vito DiGiulio, Domenic DePasquale, Worth Fox, Albert Martineau, Vincenzo Masiello, Michael Merolla, Angelo Miro, John Pontarelli, Archie Ruggiero, Anthony Sion, Michael Tombello and Donald Trainor.


While these men were busy constructing the Shrine, the ladies of the Chapel Committee toiled vigorously raising money to pay for the building materials. These ladies were: Mary Anella, Felicia Caranci, Anna Castillona, Anna DelFarna, Mary DiGiulio, Elena Imbriaco, Edith Laurenza, Catherine Lupoli, Mary Mangiarelli, Assunta Marino, Concetta Merola, Angelina Pari, Clara Pitochelli, Mary

Pizzi,Angelina Pontarelli and Angelina Ruggerio.


In 1959, the Chapel was enlarged, the super-structure was finished with cinder blocks and stucco by Mr. Vito Digiulio and Mr. Donald Trainor. Pews accommodating 135 people were installed. The Altar, Communion Rail, statuary and all appurtenances were donated by the many friends of the "Society of Maria SS. ma Grande ed Eccelsa".

In August 1960, the deeds of the Chapel and the surrounding land were transferred by the Chapel Committee to the Diocese of Providence. On September 101960, the first Mass was celebrated by Msgr. Galliano J. Cavallaro, Pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Providence and Chaplain to the Society. Thereafter, Mass was offered several times yearly at the Chapel including the day of

Maria SS. ma Grande ed Eccelsa.


In answer to a petition of over 100 families in the area, the Most Reverend Bishop elevated the Chapel to the status of a Mission of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. On August 22,1965, two Sunday Masses were celebrated on a regular basis at 8:00 A.M. and at 10:00 A.M.


Under the capable leadership of Msgr. Cavallaro, many improvements were made: the building was repainted, parking lot was asphalted, carpeting was laid and a new Altar built so that Mass might be celebrated facing the congregation. As the attendance at Mass grew with the ever expanding neighborhood, our Most Reverend Bishop McVinney responded to our needs and made the Mission Chapel a Parish Church under the patronage and protection of Mary and accepted "Mary, Mother of Mankind Church" as name.


All the physical labor involved since the establishment of the Parish was donated by our men. Directed by Messer’s. Paul Kruger, Vito KiGiulio and Thomas Ryan, Sr. and with the assistance of several of the Holy Name men, two of the foundation walls of the building were removed and replaced with steel beams, a new concrete floor was poured, a new electrical system was installed, the walls were

paneled, a drop ceiling was hung and the floor was completely tiled. Mr. John Richard attached aluminum railings to the stairs and Messer’s. Edward Laquale and Raymond Young supervised the

laying of the floor assisted by the following Holy Name men: Niles Bassett, Joseph Desrosiers, Angelo Geremia, Michael Hatavian, Robert Lanardo, Louis Leonardo, Thomas Polselli, Frank Rego, Guido Ricciardi, Dr. Edward Richards, Frank Rivera, Michael Scapolino and Joseph Tufano.


In July of 1978, under the leadership of our Pastor Reverend Clyde J. Walsh, the very capable Co-chairpersons Salvatore and Marge DelPrete and our Trustees Andrew Arsenault and Marge

DeMasi, a program to erect a new and more fitting Church, Hall and Rectory began. With the final approval by the Most Reverend Louis E. Gelineau, Bishop of Providence and the affirmation from Reverend Edward McGovern, Vicar of Finances for the Diocese, a well organized army of parishioners was put to task.


Martin J. Moran Co. (Professional Consultant/Institutional Development/Public Relations/Fund Raising) of Newton, Massachusetts was retained for consultation and fund raising. September 11, 1978  to October 20,1978  were the dates set for the official "Fund Raising Campaign". The goal was to amass a handsome amount of $350,000.00.


In achieving the above goals, the work was to be done by groups of devoted personnel under the leadership of the following Captains: David Abbruzzese, Joseph Desrosiers, Arthur Desrosiers, Warren

Riccitelli, Nancy Riccitelli, Frank Rivera and David White. Much time and energy was gladly given by these Captains and all the following workers: (alphabetically) Elaine Amaral, Marie Andoscia

Robert Andoscia, Jane Angell, Janice Arsenault, Joan Assante, Dorothy Bailey, Jeanette Bascom, Everett Birch, Honore Bouchard, Rhea Bouchard, Cynthia Boudreau, Gerard Boudreau, Jeanette Carbone, Marie Cedrone, Anthony Cipriano, Joyce Collins, Leo Collins, Phyllis Correia, Joanne Cullinane, Annette Dandurand, Rene Dandurand, Elizabeth DeBellis, Ronald DeBellis, JoAnne

DeIPadre, Marge DeMasi, Peter DeMasi, Jean DePamphilis, Dolores DePetrillo, Phyllis DiDonato, Eva DiPippo, Nick DiPippo, Joyce Donahue, Lucy Donahue, James Doorley, Kathleen Doorley, Maryann

Ferreira, Katherine Flynn, Louise Fox, Marie Gianfrancesco, SamGianfrancesco, Lois Giorgianni, Margie Giorgio, Yvette Grant, Arlene Graziano, Mary Hagan, Larry Harrop, Barbara Hayes, Diane

Konicki, William Konicki, Louis Lanni, Anthony Lisa, Tolinda Lisa, Linda Lombardi, Val Lombardi, Mary Mann, Frank Matkovic. Marie McGlynn, Joan McKenna, Ann Mendes, Carl Messineo, John

Migneault, Anita Milazzo, Carol Mollicone, Daniel Nardi, Marge Nardi, Anthony Norato, MaryLou Norato, John O'Connor, Gloria Paliotti, Ann Penta, Anita Perry, Connie Perry, Joan Petrocelli, Gail

Picard, Vincent Pilla, John Pompei, Edith RealI, Mary Rennard, Paul Rizzo, Esther Rotondo, Betty Sacco, Michael S1.Angelo, Beverly Scarpellino, Peter Simone, Theresa Smith, Frances Stahlbush,

Robert Stahlbush, Elaine Sylvia, William Thibodeau, Daniel Tomassi and Margaret Viti.


At this point, the steering committee took the advice and expertise of the Rev. Mr. Albert DePetrillo (Contractor/Builder) and retained the Robinson Green Beretta Corp. (Architecture Planning/ Environmental Design/Development) to draw up plans to be submitted to the Bishop for acceptance. On December 20, 1978, a budget estimate was given to the Parish by the Architects. This estimate, adding the costs of site work, concrete, masonry, lumber, metals, accessories, furnishings, etc. .., along with their fees, came to a total of $388,450.00.


Ground breaking for the new structure began on May 24,1979. Rev. Mr. Albert DePetrillo and Company constructed the Church and Hall in time to have our first celebration of the Mass on Palm Sunday, March 30,1980. The edifice was designed to have a seating capacity of 350 persons. Meanwhile, a Demolition Company was hired to demolish our old and beloved Church building. This was done on April 10,1980. All loose ends (sidewalks, parking lots, landscaping, etc...) were completed by May 18, 1980  at which time the Most Reverend Bishop Louis E. Gelineau officiated at the Dedication and Blessing of our new Church.


Seeing our way clear to construct the Rectory for our Priests, ground breaking was begun October 27,1980. This structure was to be attached to the Church building. Our Rectory was completed by June 21,1981, at which time Most Reverend Kenneth A. Angell, Auxiliary Bishop of Providence, came to Bless the House.


At the onset of the new Church, with our Pastor Reverend Clyde J. Walsh, the Parish included 880 families. Now, with our Pastor Reverend Barry R.L. Connerton and our Associate Pastor Reverend Gerald W. Hussey, the Parish includes 1500 families.


Feeling a true need to expand our Church building, the Reverend Barry Connerton contracted with V.M. Pereira construction, Co. of Seekonk, Massachusetts to rearrange the reconciliation room at the entrance of the Church allowing more space for the transfer of the organ (from the front) and thus accommodating the newly organized "Children's Choir" and "Adult Choir". Mr. Albert Monacchio gave of himself in donating his time and talents toward these ends.


We take great pride in this extraordinary growth: truly a sign of God's approval, Mary's guidance and also the talented leadership in planning, goal setting and execution by all concerned (too numerous to name): Pastors, Associate Pastors, Deacons, Religious Coordinators, Trustees, Planning Assistants, Council Members, Committee Members, Secretaries, Teachers, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Boys, Organists, Singers, Ushers, Domestics and all devoted, unselfish workers who have earned countless spiritual blessings for our beloved Parish Family.




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